Antimycotxin Powder


Each 1 kg contains:

1,3- Beta glucan                                             125 gm.

Manan oligosaccharide                               90 gm.

Formic acid                                            100 gm.

Acetic  acid                                                100 gm.

Propionic  acid                                   100 gm.

Calcium carbonate up to 1 kg.


To absorb, fix, breakdown and convert kinds of mycotoxin like aflatoxin, and then eliminate mycotoxin from the body.

To enhance detoxicating function of liver and kidney, protect organism critical tissues and organs from harmless of mycotoxin and keep normal  body  metabolism.

Enhance immune function and resistance and reduce death rate.

To improve utilization rate of feeds, improve performance trait and enhance product quality.

To prevent and cure kinds of mycotoxin.

Acts as a Toxin binder and destroy Mycotoxin from poultry and animal feed.

Acts as a broad spectrum Mould inhibitor & destroy fungus from poultry and animal feed.

It prevents bio-synthesis of mycotoxin in feed.

It enhances growth rate of poultry.

Dosage and adminstration:

1000 gm mixed with feed during ration processing..

Adjusted dosage according to the feeds pollution, first mixed with small quantity of feeds and then mixed  with large amount of feeds.

Package: 1 kg and 25 kg.

Withdrawal times: none.

Storage: Stored away of heat and direct sunlight and humidity.

M.O.A. Reg . No:1153/2015



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