LIQUID Vit E 20% +SE

  • LIQUID Vit E 20% +SE

)High Concentration)

Contains per 1 kg  powder:

Vit. E ( α-tochoferol Acetate)                  200.000 mg.

Selenium                  200 mg.

Tween 80                                                                            100 ml.

Dist.Water up to 1 kg.


  • For Vitamin E and selenium deficiencies cases.
  • Stimulate immunity and protect animal from bacterial and viral infections.
  • Act as antioxidant and protect animal body from different free radicals.


For oral administrations: 1 ml /liter for successive 3-5 days.

Storage: Stored away from reach of children and heat sources.

Weight:500 ml and  1 liter.

Registration No:929/2015.



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