Protact Plus

Liquid Antimycotoxin& Tonic


1,3-Beta Glucan                                                                              4.5 gm

Manan oligosaccharide                                                                  7.5 gm

Bacillus Subtillis                                                              10⑪x 1.75 CFU

Bacillus licheniformis                                                      10⑪X1.75 CFU

Vitamin  A                                                                              10.000.000 IU

Vitamin  D3                                                                               2000.000 IU

Vitamin K3                                                                                      1000 mg.

Choline chloride                                                                         30.000 mg.

Propylene glycol                                                                                 50 ml.

Sorbitol                                                                                                 50 ml.

Water add.   To 1 liter.




  • Promote the growth and development of market chicken and animal species.
  • Promote the absorption of feedstuff, increase the utilization rate of feedstuff by 5%~15%.
  • Improve intestinal tract environment, adjust microbial population balance.
  • It can be used to aid in treatment of diarrhea intestinal disorders.
  • Increase immune function and disease resistance of organism.
  • Decrease the attack rate and death rate remarkably.
  • Decrease the smell of ammonia and foul smell of dejects, and improve brooding environment.
  • To prevent and cure many kinds of mycotoxin.
  • Acts as a Toxin binder and destroy Mycotoxin from poultry and animal feed.
  • It increases egg production in layers.
  • It promotes enzymatic activity & liver function for detoxification.



Poultry: 1 ml/ 1 liter of drinking water for 3-5 successive days.

Cattle: 50 ml /headlday.

Package:500 ml and 1 liter plastic bottle.

Withdrawal times: none.

Storage: Stored away of heat and direct sunlight and humidity.

Reg. No: 1475/2019.




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